Q: 如果我希望开设课程, 请问有哪些平台可供选择?


Q: 如果我希望开设课程,请问有哪些平台可供选择?

A: 国内出现了基于网络直播(如:红点App)、微信或支付宝付费的开课模式。本问答关注更为专业的大型开放式网络课程平台 (massive open online courses, MOOC) 的合作模式。关于学习者常用的MOOC 平台的介绍,请点这里

CourseraedX 主要跟高校的教授合作,协助结盟的高校开发课程。这两个世界范围内最主要的MOOC平台,都以英文课程为主,但是也有中国顶尖高校加盟并且提供少量中文授课的课程。类似基于 OpenEdX 平台 开发的 学堂在线,如果您想要从头搭起,也可以考虑基于这一开源技术。

Udacityudemy 是商业性质的平台,但也有许多免费课,基本上采取与讲授者个人合作的模式。Udacity 几乎清一色的是偏重计算机科学的各领域的课程,而 udemy 除此以外也有许多其他的实用技能型课程。


Moodle 平台:  https://moodle.net/

Moodle is an open-source learning management system (LMS) that allows users to build and offer online courses. It was built for traditional online classrooms rather than MOOCs, which attract a large number of students. It tends to be easier to install than edX, and there are hosted or one-click install options available.

Moodle is suited for organizations that want a full-featured, customizable LMS. The platform offers more than edX in terms of educational tools, analytics and SCORM compliance. The trade-off is that the platform is over 10 years old. The number of configuration options can be daunting, and system performance suffers with larger numbers of students.

CourseSites著名教育技术公司 Blackboard 旗下的课程平台

CourseSites by Blackboard is an exceptionally robust platform. It has most of the features that Moodle has, including extensive teaching tools, reporting features and SCORM compliance. It is also cloud-based. You can set up a course in minutes and never have to worry about maintenance or upgrades.

The service is free for up to five live courses, and Blackboard has given no indication that this will change. The trade-off seems to be that your courses are branded with the Blackboard logo, and your students must register with Blackboard in order to join a course.

CourseSites is a good option for individuals — for example, a teacher who wants to migrate part of a curriculum to an online format — or organizations looking to start experimenting with online courses without having to install anything . The five-course maximum and the inability to brand your course place limitations on how this platform can be applied. But with the lowest maintenance costs and the highest number of features, CourseSites is a good option.

CourseSites 上面的公开课目录,可以当作例子参考:



Q: 请问逐渐开始普及的大型开放式网络课程,即 MOOC(massive open online courses),将如何影响未来高等教育和就业的布局?